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A Japanese female singer-songwriter, Laura Yokozawa writes and sings "stories” based on folklore, children’s book, fairy tales all over the world and regional roots, myths. Born and raised in Tokyo, but deeply Influenced by picture books and children’s novel of her Mother and Father’s home town, especially from the books of Kenji Miyazawa, Tono Monogatari. 

She performed musical in city halls when she lived in the states from 15-17years old, played Jazz drums in University in Japan, then studied in Berklee Collage of Music in Boston, where she learned Jazz, R & B, and gospel scenes. After returning to Japan in 2011, she released two original albums recorded with Boston & musicians from all over the world. Also she released an Jazz-Fusion album called "Fusion-O-Potamus", another feature of Laura, arranged and produced by Jun Abe. 

Her original songs are very unique, such as a story about a frog who fell in love with a clover, the story of a mosquito who wants to marry the best man in the world. The CD jacket is also a very unique piece of work, three-dimensional “Pop-up picture book CD jacket”. 

She is a pure creator who keeps on creating, painting, producing movie, or producing her own merch, such as  picture books, iPhone cases. The work is also popular with creators, women and kids.

In 2018, she started a musical unit called " Onomatopel " with pianist Takuto Kudo. The 1st album “Story of tuvera cover (Tsubera Kobera Monogatari)” was featured in Tower Records booklet “JAZZ THE STARS”.


Her life work involves connecting and spreading the regional stories, culture, and people through songs and pictures inspired by indigenous cultures, folk tales, and fables from around Japan, she travels with her guitar.

Studio work includes pop and cute songs for children, theme songs from Japan post offices, cabinet bureaus, pharmaceutical companies, airlines, etc., branding TVcommercials and jingles, Major theme park commercials and compilation albums.

Backing vocals work on tour of Yu Sakai in 2014 and 2019, 10th anniversary concert, participating as a back ing vocals of J-WAVE LIVE 2015 when “Ohashi Trio”  was a host band, and acting as a chorus on a tour of overseas artist IL DIVO's Carlos Martin. She has also participated in Sony FES, “Shimajiro” web movies and hundreds of commercial jingles and songs.

Vocal, Commercial jingles, etc 


Earth Music Ecology



Doctor Resera

DHC deep cleansing oil



Nivea 8 × 4

Center Inn

Women's wax at RB Japan Veet

Johnson & Johnson

Green safety



McDonald's (Ginger-baked burger)


Tsukiji Silver Dako

Kewpie Color Plus +

Kirin Mets

ITO EN Health Mineral Barley Tea

Asahi drink surely lemon

DyDo DRINCO Japanese sweets

Marco Meca miso soup




TOYOTA (2 types of Prius)



Suzuki Alto

Okayama Toyopet

Hyuga City, Miyazaki Branding CM

You Can

Air france

Nippon Express



Book off

Tokyo Motor Show

Yamazaki Bread Lunch Pack


Sanrio Puroland renewal

Disneyland Easter

/ Halloween / Christmas

Disney (docomo) Mobile

Kalkan pouch

Pfizer Pharmaceutical Non-Smoking Outpatient CM

Shiratori Pharmaceutical

Anshin Foundation

Sanyo Housing Nagoya

"A girl running in the city" version CM

Aeon (Christmas)


AEON point


Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway Toll Revision

Cabinet Human Resources Bureau KASUMI

Post and post office watching service

Sapporo PASEO Super Xmas


Aquarius Vitamin Guard

My Tear CL

Many others. Partially posted on the " WORKS " page.

Laura Yokozawa had been booked and traveled around the world and started to perform live, connecting various people with various. concepts. From old house library to festivals and museum, temple stages, from playing solo to bandset.

Please book Laura Yokozawa and Onomatopel to your town. We are looking for messages to connect. Any requests and information is welcomed!

Booking & Requests

Appearance request, inquiry

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